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HEFCE’s new OA policy in the post-2014 REF environment.  I’ll look at this today and comment a bit later.

UPDATE, or, my definition of ‘a bit later’

First impressions - repositories will play a vital part in the next REF; HEFCE’s OA policy is a lot less rigid than I thought it would be, and stresses a lot of ‘exceptions’; the policy is focussed more on Open Access, and less on Open Access publishing

  • To be eligible for the next REF, certain outputs should be made Open Access.
  • This applies to research published after 1 April 2016
  • OA = the author’s final peer-reviewed manuscript must have been deposited in an institutional repository 
  • This requirement applies only to journal articles and conference proceedings with an ISSN
  • It doesn’t apply to monographs, book chapters, creative or practice-based research etc.
  • Publisher embargo periods will be ‘respected’, so authors can comply with HEFCE’s policy by making a ‘closed deposit’.
  • Closed deposits ‘will be admissible to the REF

So it’s more first steps that giant leaps.  

Here’s a response by Stevan Harnad.


Great video from the British Library on how three researchers have used EThOS for finding material on their subject, structuring their thesis and finding academic contacts.

(via uoslibrarysocsci)

Open Access: How it will change your (professional) life

Trainer: David Ball


Tuesday 18th March 2014

I attended this workshop, held by the UK eInformation Group (UKeiG) at CILIP in London, on Tuesday 18th March 2014. 

The one-day workshop was attended by a dozen or so representatives from a variety of HEIs, FE colleges, NHS trusts, and other independent scholarly institutions, and was led by David Ball of David Ball Consulting.  The day began with a summation of the growth of Open Access, defined important terms related to the OA movement, and also examined the challenges and opportunities we might need to address in the future.    There was some opportunity for discussion with peers from outside the HE sector, and I found the day to be incredibly useful.

The programme was as follows:

  • Definitions of Open Access
  • Costs of Open Access
  • The growth of Open Access
  • Quality
  • Copyright
  • Obstacles and usage
  • Influence on the research process
  • Recent developments with OA textbooks


Consolidation of my knowledge of OA was the primary reason for me wanting to attend this workshop, and having the major terms reiterated by information professionals was very satisfying and cemented my understanding of things like ‘green’, ‘gold’, ‘libre’, and ‘gratis’ Open Access.  Similarly, spending time considering the growth of OA, and the costs involved in its implication, was a timely exercise given that the University is in the process of mapping out an OA policy.  The workshop examined the implications of the Finch report, the response of UK funding bodies, and how institutions might meet the cost of Article Processing Charges (APCs); these issues are beginning to factor in discussions with academic staff at forums like the REF core group.   Other concerns that have been raised, such as peer review and quality control regarding OA, copyright worries, and the storage of open data were addressed also, and I will now feel a lot more confident when fielding these types of questions. 

The concept of OA as being a Disruptive Technology was also considered in relation to what is essentially a general publishing revolution.  The Open Access Initiative was situated alongside Gutenberg and the advent of the printing press in terms of its importance, contextualising OA and giving plenty of ammunition for future advocacy.  This element of the workshop is certainly timely and will inform my own position taking the repository forward and when implementing the OA policy of the University.  The consensus was that there needs to be a philosophical change with regard to academic publishing, and that concepts like ‘e-journals’, ‘monographs’, and ‘e-books’ were probably unhelpful, and that better terminology (one that don’t simply reinforce the structure of print media) might hasten this change.

The assumed level of understanding was low, and I felt able to contribute much to the discussions.  I was able to reconcile my current knowledge of OA with that put forward by an expert, and I came away from the workshop with a more confident understanding of Open Access.

I need to read this over again before making any sort of comment, but thought I’d post it now.  It’s a useful piece of writing, and Charles Oppenheim often makes an awful lot of sense when it comes to publishing and copyright.

Please have a look at Julien Germain’s work, Found on SURE:

From the abstract: 

Germain was commissioned by RKL Art Consultants to produce a permanent new artwork for the redevelopment of Sunderland Central train station for operator, Nexus.

Thanks to Katie Sandersfield for this fab design


October was a busy month in terms of additions to SURE.  Here’s a list of what was added. 

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